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9 Best YA Characters To Decorate A Christmas Tree With

We’re throwing a tree decorating party! Are you in?

Everyone is bringing something to hang on the tree…and we’re pretty sure these YA characters are going rock it!

Ready for the decorative fun? Here’s who we’re bringing to the party!

Mags from The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins


I mean, do we really need to talk about how good she is with making fishing lures? A lady like Mags can hook you up with ornaments—cool, homemade ones! And her homemade ornaments would be beautiful, too. She wouldn’t dominate the conversation at the party, either!

Kell from Shades of Magic Trilogy by V.E. Schwab


You KNOW Kell would have some cool ornaments to add to the tree from his magic cloak! It always has whatever he needs in the pockets, so of course, he’d be able to bring some cool ornaments from Red London.

Genya from the Grishaverse Trilogy by Leigh Bardugo


A lot of people would complain that Genya doesn’t actually MAKE anything, but she’s a Tailor Grisha, so of course, she knows what looks best. Does the tree have bald patches? Missing branches? It’s too short or too tall for my living room? Call Genya, she could tailor it to size!

Clary from City of Bones by Cassandra Clare


Clary’s an artist, so of course, she’ll bring her artistic flair to the ornaments. She has the help of her mom for advice on making an ornament, probably something cool like a hand-painted Father Christmas ornament to hang on the tree, maybe even a Christmas Angel to top the tree! 

Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter by JK Rowling


Luna would bring the craziest, most magical ornaments, probably from the back of the Quibbler. But you’d have to make sure warn her that they’re not too magical… You don’t want an Elf of the Shelf that comes to life! Too creepy!

Evangeline “Evie” Green from Poison Princess by Kresley Cole


Evie’s the Empress of the Tarot deck, and it’s her power that helps bring the plants back to life—of course, you’d need her to help keep the tree green and fresh, and not dried out. That little bowl of water at the base of the tree doesn’t always do the trick, and it’s hard to get enough water in there, sometimes!

America Singer from The Selection by Kiera Cass


Let’s be honest: America might not bring that good of an ornament, but she’d cover the music at the party with her singing voice- all your favorites, like Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree and All I Want for Christmas Is You. There’s always a chance the America snagged a great ornament from someone in her family that’s in the artisan caste, though.

Gretchen and Ansel from Sweetly by Jackson Pearce


Every good holiday party needs some holiday treats! Who better than Ansel and Gretchen, who spent an entire summer learning to be chocolatiers? They’d bring all kinds of tasty, delicious treats for the guests, maybe even make some edible ornaments, or maybe even bring an Advent calendar with chocolates!

Logan from Defiance by CJ Redwine


Logan can make some cool gadgets, so you could assign him to get all the strings of lights to work properly. Who likes messing with strings of lights anyway? Definitely the most annoying part of putting a tree!

Now that the tree is all decked out, we’re dying to know which YA characters you’d invite to your tree decorating party and what do you think they’d bring with them?

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